White House staffs protests Nancy Pelosi’s Stimulus bill

In case you missed it, Nancy Pelosi was up to her antics again

House Speaker Pelosi sought to include a potential way to guarantee federal funding for abortion into the coronavirus economic stimulus plan, according to multiple senior White House officials.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, those officials alleged that while negotiating the stimulus with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Pelosi tried to lobby for “several” provisions that stalled bipartisan commitment to the effort. One was a mandate for up to $1 billion to reimburse laboratory claims, which White House officials say would set a precedent of health spending without protections outlined in the Hyde Amendment.



The Hyde Amendment blocks clinics that perform abortions from receiving federal funding, and Democrats have pushed the Trump administration to end it since he was elected in 2016.

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“A new mandatory funding stream that does not have Hyde protections would be unprecedented,” one White House official explained.

“Under the guise of protecting people, Speaker Pelosi is working to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent covering abortion — which is not only backwards, but goes against historical norms.”

A second White House official referred to the provision as a “slush fund” and yet another questioned “what the Hyde Amendment and abortion have to do with protecting Americans from coronavirus?

Republicans are resilient not to pass that bill and so far, aren’t giving up on their resolve.

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    1. I say off w/their heads because scum always finds a way back in!! And pray for their evil souls, they have soo much torture to look forward too!!

  1. It’s about time get rid of all these Traders!, who do they think they are, we the taxpayers pay their salaries, it’s time for a change!, Trump 20/20 four more years let’s keep America great!.

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