Petition to remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker gets massive turnout

Petition to remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house is gaining traction. The petition, which was started by conservative gregory McCarthy is almost half way through the target signatures.

Nancy Pelosi who have been a much hated figure amongst conservatives is the firsf female speaker of the house in mordern history, she has clashed with President Trump on various occasions, thereby infuriating his fan-base.

Her Tantrum during the state of the union address where she ended up tearing the prepared speech by the president further alienated her from the right. She also led the charge for the impeachment of the President alongside house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff.

The petition statement reads:

We the American people are fed up with the house democrats not fulfilling their elected duties. Nancy Pelosi’s hatred of our current president has rendered her unable to do her job as speaker of the house. She should immediatly step down as Speaker of the house and resign from her duties on capitol hill. She has wasted millions of our tax dollars trying to Impeach the 45th president of the United States. She is incapable, and unwilling to support her duties and the American People. If she was a work-a-day person working like you and I in the private sector she would have been fired a long time ago.


Sign the petition here:

35 thoughts on “Petition to remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker gets massive turnout

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  1. what’s been happening the last 10 years is not normal politics it’s not just some liberal some conservative this country has been sold down the tubes by congress senate and the supreme Court it’s a fascist dictatorship the only person who represents the American people in Washington now is Donald Trump

  2. Nancy is unfit for the office she occupies. Such a hateful and dispicable human being. Go home and eat your ice cream.

    1. When ppl say that Trump is dividing the country, I cringe. No-one else is dividing the country but Pelosi – the witch that she is – and her cronies and their propaganda media.

  3. Remove Nancy cause she causes civil unrest and treasonous acts constantly on a Daily Basis !!!! We Don’t need a Communist in congress.

  4. Unfortunately in this country socialist been running their big mouths for way too long spreading fascism misery too much corrupt government control., Trump needs to pass a law banning socialism and making it a domestic terrorist charge, if he doesn’t in these scumbags keep doing what they’re doing to our country we the people are going to start hunting them down like the domestic terrorist they are and the government won’t be able to stop the masses if elected officials don’t stop this rioting looting and attacking innocent citizens we the people will take it in our own hands we can get the job done, we have plenty of ex-military and former police officers that are fed up with these urine-soaked socialist crybabies trying to destroy America

  5. Wish you all send her to St. Helena and please invide Merkel succesfully to stay with her until they both connected with Napoleon.
    Honestly Maybe those “leaders” from France and Turkey also, and… Perhaps together with the smarties from WHO and so on
    And if St. Helena ist not the choice – maybe Little St. James will do it?
    However: Hope you get Trump reelected, but I am afraid it wont be that easy – as we say here: No one can live in Peace if his bad neighbor wont let him!
    God bless America and Germany as well

  6. It’s cute that after all of this you still think petitions and polls on Twitter mean anything.
    VIOLENCE is all the jewish elite fear.
    Start treating them the same way their negro pets treat you; with utter contempt.

    You know… what the jewish media calls “peacefully protesting.”

  7. Please Nancy, retire when you have the chance. Why ruin your whole career with YOUR OWN impeachment. Get out! Get out! Go Home!

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