June 1, 2020

Tucker Carlson Makes Nancy Pelosi Eat Her Own Words

Tucker Carlson is known for cutting to the chase and not mincing words. The popular Fox News host had some strong words for the incoming House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, after she took a hard line on President Trump’s long-promised border wall. She called the president’s plan “immoral, ineffective and expensive.”

“They just oppose America’s borders. America is a sinful nation, they tell us. We can only atone for those sins by giving what we have to the entire world,” Tucker said.

Pelosi made the comment during her weekly press briefing on Thursday. This was just after Congress approved a short-term spending bill to avoid a partial government shutdown. Lawmakers effectively pushed the immigration debate and other issues until later in the month.

“If you’re familiar with how things work in Washington, you may be wondering, ‘When did morality begin to play such a central role in the legislative process?’” Tucker said. “And the answer is: the day that Nancy Pelosi got ordained. Pelosi is now an archbishop in the church of progressive sanctimony.”


Tucker explained that Pelosi clearly believes her moral authority is “absolute,” but she — and other Democrats — don’t seem to have a problem with borders, walls and exclusivity in their day-to-day lives.

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